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Mineral resources of Farah province

FARAH CITY (Pajhwok): The provincial mines and petroleum department has said the western Farah province is rich in natural reserves with special reference mines but they are not extracted in a proper or official way.

Eng. Juma Khan Joya, provincial mines department head, told Pajhwok Afghan News the survey--- conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with collaboration of USAID in 2007--- helped discovered several mines reserves in the province.

Mineral resources of Sar-i-Pul province

The northern Sar-i-Pul province is rich in mineral and natural reserves but their extraction process faces multiple obstacles with special reference the presence of armed groups and remoteness of the areas.

Officials of the Ministry of Mines say there are many kinds of mines such as petroleum, copper and coal elsewhere in the province, which are extracted by various groups of their own in a nontechnical and nonprofessional way without government authorization.


Mineral resources of Takhar province

TALOQAN (PAN): The northwestern Takhar province has an estimated 46 different mines containing natural reserves and resources which will considerably bolster national economy if they are extracted in a professional and legal ways.

As many as 1, 500 employees are working on different mines elsewhere in the province.

Geological surveys and researches have taken place many times in the province but practical work on exploiting the resources would yet take place.

Mineral resources of Parwan province

The strategically important Parwan has vast rich land and the province is known for having natural reservoirs of quality plumbum and zing.

Parwan has 15 kinds of natural resources such as coal, gems, zing, plumbum, copper, iron, chromites, marble and quartos in Surkh Parsa, Ghor band, Syahgird, Kohi Safi, Salang and Jabal Saraj districts.

In addition, large scale mine of pegmatite exists in Charikar, the provincial capital.

Mineral resources of Nuristan province

Nuristan (PAN): The mountainous eastern Nuristan province has large scale reservoirs of natural mines containing precious and semi precious stones.

For the purpose to explore and exploit the underground reserves, the department of mines started functioning right after its establishment in 2013 in Nuristan.

Following are details of existing precious stones in the valleys and mountains of Nuristan.

Biroch and SofahBiroch:

Mineral resources of Nangarhar province

JALALABAD (PAN): The eastern Nangarhar province has abundant mines of marbles and luminous stones, which need to be extracted in a professional and legal way. 

According to the survey conducted back in 1956, large scale mines of marble and luminous stones in Nangarhar could be found from Hisarak to Dor Baba district along the hills of Spin Ghar (White Mountains).

Eng. Shakrullah Tolo, provincial head of mines, told Pajhwok Afghan News a five years long survey was underway in the province in order to properly identify the existence of natural resources.

Mineral resources of Kunar province

ASADABAD (PAN): Known as one of the mountainous regions, the eastern Kunar province is excessively rich in natural resources especially mines of precious and semi-precious stones, which need to be extracted in a legal and professional way.

Located in the eastern part of the country, the province has several mines of precious and semi-precious stones while its excavation is continued illegally and nonprofessionally. The mines are being smuggled to outside countries since long but the authorities’ concerned yet to take any step.

Mineral resources of Kandahar province

KANDAHAR CITY (PAN)  Known as a hub and one of the rich provinces in mineral and natural resources, a number of mines reservoirs are discovered in various districts of the volatile Kandahar.

However, a broad survey would to be conducted yet to find out all natural and unexplored reservoirs in the province.

Pajhwok Afghan News has made public information on mines identified by the provincial geology department and a number of international entities.

1: Iron mine:

Mineral resources of Jawzjan province

SHIBERGHAN (PAN): The northern Jawzjan province has immense gas reserves but stringent measures are needed to exploit the natural resources of the province in larger national interests, locals said. 

Bordering Turkmenistan, the province has five known areas rich in gas reservoirs. The natural gas is one of the valuable resources of Afghanistan but the country could not be able to exploit it judiciously.

Mineral resources of Helmand province

LASHKARGAH (PAN): The southern Helmand has around 16 different mines of precious and semi-precious stones but growing lawlessness has provided a renewed impetus to its illegal excavation and smuggling, an official said.

Esmatullah Shams, provincial mines department head, said the province was extremely rich in natural resources such as uranium, magnate, carbonate, stucco, zing, plumbum, quicksilver, alabaster and others.  

If properly excavated, the natural reservoirs of the province would considerably bolster the national economy, he added.


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