34 Provinces Mines Info

Mineral resources of Bamyan province

BAMYAN CITY (PAN): The central Bamyan province is though a mountainous region, it is rich in natural resources such as iron and coal mines.

Following its extraction in a nonprofessional and nontechnical way, the Ministry of Mines had to block most of coal mines in the province.

The vast and most important mines of Bamyan are the Haji Gak iron mines, which are considered the largest natural reserves of the country.

Mineral resources of Balkh province

BALKH (PAN): The northern Balkh province is rich in natural resources such as crude oil, cement, aluminum, stucco and sulfur, with the extraction of some mines is underway in some parts of the province.

1- The Afghan- Tajik crude oil area:

Located to the north and northeast, the Afghan- Tajik crude oil starches on 31,000 metres long from Takhar to Jawzjan province.  

As many as 12 blocks of crude oil and gas have been discovered in Balkh by Terraseis--- a Canadian Company--- two years ago. 

Mineral resources of Baghlan province

PUL-I-KHUMRY (PAN): Located in northeast of the country, Baghlan is considered an impassable province of the country, which is rich in precious underground reserves.

Natural resources, in particular coalmines of Baghlan have greater fame, which are widely used by locals and exported to neighboring Pakistan too.

Karkar, Dodkash, Ahan Dara, Khurd Dara, Chinarak, Shin Dara, Alogak, Tala war and Barfak are among coalmines, which are being extracted in a non professional way by local groups, damaging most of the precious items.

Mineral resources of Badakhshan province

FAIZABAD (PAN): The northeastern Badakhshan province has large scale natural resources particularly the locality is rich in azure and ruby stones, which need to be extracted in a professional and legal way.

Badakhshan is a mountainous province bordering China, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Provincial mines department officials said as many as 16 mines had been explored so far where thousands of working had been working.


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