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IEDS-Afghanistan’s Mineral

The aim of the IEDS research paper series is to provide clear and timely empirical analysis on issues of relevance to our mandate that covers three broad areas: A) Borderlands, B) Pragmatic Peace and C) Resource Values. All papers are reviewed internally and externally for quality control. We are open to various disciplinary perspectives on issues and particularly encourage work that spans fields of enquiry. Submission is encouraged from scholars worldwide who want a flexible electronic venue for their work. We encourage various citation formats and lengths of manuscripts as the goal is to disseminate knowledge as fast and freely as possible. Images and maps embedded into the text are also encouraged. Authors are allowed to retain copyright and can publish papers elsewhere so long as the Institute is acknowledged in subsequent publication venues. As an open-source publication that distributes content online, we are also amenable to updating papers that have been placed online with a note on the date of revisions provided as research progresses

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