CSO Reports

Minerals in Afghanistan-Rare-metal Deposits

In Afghanistan rare metals (lithium, caesium, tantalum and niobium) occur in three main deposit types: pegmatites, mineralised springs and playa-lake sediments (Figure 1). The most potentially significant, easily extractable resources of rare metals in Afghanistan occur in mineralised springs and playas, although there is also considerable potential for exploiting hard-rock pegmatite deposits. Globally, rare metals
are produced from deposits in these three settings, chiefly in Chile, Argentina, the USA and Turkey. Lithium has many uses, for example in batteries, in the glass and ceramics industry, and in high performance alloys for aircraft. Most tantalum is used to produce capacitors that are used in laptop computers, mobile phones and digital cameras. Niobium is primarily used in specialist steels although it also shares some uses with tantalum since it has almost identical chemical properties.

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