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Samangan marbles being used in Parliament building

AIBAK (PAN): About 5,000 tonnes of marbles that would be extracted from a newly discovered mine in northern Samangan province, would be used in the construction of the new Parliament building, officials said on Thursday.

Located in the KohKhers hill, 40 kilometres east of the provincial capital Aibak, the mine was discovered two months ago by the Sang-i-Takht-i-Rustum Company, said the governor's spokesman, Muhammad SiddiqAzizi.

Tile factory owners unable to compete with Pakistan

KABUL (PAN): Owners of marble factories in Kabul say high transportation and labour costs, lack of electricity and other expenses are making their tiles more expensive than those from neighbouring Pakistan.

There are about 60 marble mines in Afghanistan according to the Ministry of Mines, each providing a variety of colour and quality of stones. The industry employs about 2,000 people, according to the ministry.


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