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Mineral resources of Paktika province:

Paktika is located to the southeast of the country, bordering Paktia and Ghazni in the north. In its northeast is lying Khost and southwest north and South Waziristan Agencies. Baluchistan province of Pakistan and Zabul are located to its west.

1- Katawaz fuel and gas basin:

Katawaz fuel and gas basin is located to the north of Sharan, the capital of Paktika province. The location is close to Yahyakhel, Zarghoon Shahar, Janikhel and Khoshamand districts. Measuring 40,000 square kilometres area, thicknesses of its sedimentary jewels reach 6,000 metres.

Mineral resources of Ghor province

Situated in western part of the country, Ghor province is surrounded by Herat, Daikundi, Faryab, Farah and Jawzjan provinces.

No official survey has been conducted so far to estimate the volume of natural resources in the mountainous province, but local officials and residents believe huge deposits of metallic and non-metallic minerals are available in Ghor.

Mineral resources of Badghis province

Badghis is a northwestern province sharing borders with Herat in the west, Faryab in the east, Ghor in the south and Turkmenistan in the north. Qala-i-Naw is the provincial capital of the province. The total area of Badghis province is estimated at 32,000 square kilometers.

Based on mines department information, no survey has been conducted to explore natural resources in the province except some of the surveys carried out by the former Soviet Union in the Malmanji area of Qads district and Tora Shikh locality of Maqur district for the exploration of oil and gas.

Mineral resources of Nimroz province

Nimroz is one of the large provinces located in southwestern part of Afghanistan bordering Iran in the west and Pakistan in the south. It is said that the province was named “Nimroz” in the middle ages.

Based on the information by the mines department of Nimroz, the province has various types of mines, but due to absence of census since 1973, exact amount of mines and minerals are not known in the province.

Mines Director Eng. Shamalzai told Pajhwok Afghan News the province is rich in salt, precious gems, stones and even lithium.

Mineral resources of Maidan Wardak Province

By Bashart

KABUL (Pajhwok): Located 30 kilometres to the west of Kabul province, it is reported that the central Maidan Wardak has around 53 known sites of natural resources.

These sites have been identified with the help of locals followed by surveys by the geological department, reports said.


1. Chromites mines:

The Narkh district of Maidan Wardak has large scale chromites mines, which are located in Badam Surkh Baidak, Narkh Loy-e-Abdari and Depak.

Mineral resources of Samangan province

AIBAK (Pajhwok): The northern Samangan province--- situated on the strategic Kabul-Balkh highway--- is one of the most important provinces of Afghanistan as far as the natural resources are concerned.

Samangan is rich in natural mines of coal, marbles, stucco, cements and other kinds of reservoirs.

The upper and lower Souf valleys are abundant in mines of natural resources but those are being illegally extracted by local groups.



The mines are located in upper Souf and lower Souf valleys and Duab districts.


Mineral resources of Logar province

Logar province is located 65- kilometers to the south of capital Kabul. The Kabul province is situated to its north, Paktia to south, Nangarhar to east and Maidan Wardak Province is located to its west. A strip of Ghazni province touches Logar.  Pashtun, Tajik and Hazara tribes are living in the province.

The Aynak copper mine: (Mesaynak)

Mineral resources of Kabul province

The capital Kabul is located in the central Afghanistan. According to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), Kabul province is rich in natural resources. The most popular mines of the province are copper, talc, ruby and marbles.


According to MoMP, Kabul has the following natural assets:

  1. Missjawhar copper mine:

According MoMP, this mine is 1.5 metres to 32 metres thick and 150 metres long.

Mineral resources of Panjsher province

Located 120 kilometres to the northeast of Kabul, Panjsher is a mountainous province alongside the Hindukush Mountainswith several sub valleys.

The province is located 22,117 metreshigh from sea level, with its highest peak is estimated at 6,000 metres.

There are many natural resources in Panjsher such as gems, metal, marbles and other materials used in construction.


Mineral resources of Paktia province

Paktiais located 120 kilometres south of capital Kabul close to Durand Line. Paktia is of great importance in terms of having underground riches, but the province is neglected in terms of conducting mining exploration survey there. 

Provincial petroleum and mining department says many mines have so far been detected in Paktia but fully could not be utilized. Some of them are as follow.

1 – Chromites:

Chromitesmines are located in ShnaZhawara area of Ahmad Abad, Tanga area of Janikhel, Sinjaklocality of Syed Karam and Makawa area of Zurmat districts.


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