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Senators criticise high oil prices


KABUL (Pajhwok): Some Meshrano Jirga members on Sunday complained against high prices of petroleum products and said the rates should be decreased in line with international market trends.

Senator Hidayatullah Rihaee from central Bamyan province told the upper house that oil prices had drastically fallen in all markets of the world, but the products were sold for the same old prices in Afghanistan, registering no change. “No change is observed in fares of transport vehicles and airlines,” the lawmaker said.

Coal price up, fuel stable in Kabul markets

KABUL (Pajhwok): The price of coal went up while rates of food items went down during the outgoing week in Kabul, market sources said on Thursday.

A firewood seller Khan Mohammad in Charahi Shaheed area of Kabul said the price of 560 kg of peeled oak decreased from last week’s 7,200 afghanis to 7,000afs and of unpeeled oak increased from the previous 6,400afs to 6,500afs.

He told Pajhwok Afghan News the rate of 560kg of coal jumped from 5,800 afs to 6,400 during the week. Mohammad linked the hike in coal price to the blockade of the Salang highway by snowfall.

In Afghanistan, last decade witnesses fuel prices doubled


KABUL (Pajhwok): Crude oil rates fluctuate in Afghanistan less frequently than in other neighbouring and regional countries, a Ministry of Commerce and Industries official says, indicating price stability.

But statistics collected by Pajhwok Afghan News shows the prices of petroleum products have doubled in the last decade.

In an exclusive interview with Pajhwok Afghan News, ministry spokesman MusafarQoqandi claimed fuel price trends in the country did not change as frequently as in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Ministry warns traders against gas price hike

KABUL (Pajhwok): The Ministry of Trade and Commerce on Monday accused some entrepreneurs of illegally importing gas and causing a price hike of this basic commodity in the holy month of Ramadan.

Musafar Qoqandawi, the ministry spokesman, told Pajhwok Afghan News importers had been invited to place bids for the legal import of gas from Turkmenistan.

The Central Asian nation had assured Afghanistan 13 years ago that it would provide gas at a lower price in case of need, he said.

Gas import accord with Russia on cards


KABUL (PAN): In an attempt to keep prices in check, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries plans to import gas and fuel from Russia, an official said on Sunday.

Acting Minister of Commerce Mohammad ShakirKargar would soon lead a delegation to Russia for signing an agreement on gas and fuel imports, his deputy told a news conference in Kabul.

Fuel prices double in Bamyan


BAMYAN CITY (PAN): A halt to work on coalmines has lead to a hundred percent increase in fuel prices especially coal, in the central province of Bamyan, residents complained on Thursday.

The price of per seven kilograms of coal has increased from 30 afghanis ($0.57) to 70 afs due to the closure of a coalmine in the Koh Mard district of the province.

Ministers say they have no right to fix gas prices


KABUL (PAN): Ministers of economy and finance on Tuesday acknowledged they had no authority to control gas prices, but hoped efforts underway in this regard would yield positive results.

Gas prices shot up from 55 afghanis ($1.13) to 80 and 100afs per kilogram in capital Kabul after the EidulAdha festival, worrying residents. The current price of a kilogram of gas is about 70afs.

Govt can't fix gas prices: ACCI


KABUL (PAN): The Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) on Monday blamed the government for fixing gas prices, saying that it did not have the power to do so.

Last week, the Ministry of Commerce fixed at 55 afghanis ($1.34) the price of one kilogram of gas, but the rate hovers between 80 and 100afs in the capital city. The price was fixed in consultation with representatives of traders. 

Gas shortage, price hike linked to hoarding


KABUL (PAN): The liquefied petroleum gas shortage and price hike in Kabul was tied to hoarding by Afghan traders at the Hairatan port in Mazar-i-Sharif, an official said on Sunday.

They would take effective step to deal with the problem, a Ministry of Commerce and Industries official Eng. FaridSherzai told a news conference in Kabul. 

Gas price will be lowered in 2 days: ministry


KABUL (PAN): The Ministry of Commerce and Industries on Saturday renewed its promise to lower the price of liquefied petroleum gas to 55 afghanis ($1.1) per kilo within two days. A kilo of gas is currently selling for 75 to 100 afs in Kabul.

Before EidulAdha, a kilogram of gas accounted for 55afs, but the rate suddenly shot up to 100 afs after the festival. With the onset of winter, the abrupt hike has triggered complaints from city dwellers.


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