Mineral resources to be fully utilized: Minister


Mustafa Basharat - Jun 8, 2008 - 18:07

KABUL (PAN): Almost 150 different mine excavation agreements have been signed with private sector in the last two years the number would increase in the current year, the minister for mines declared on Sunday.

Speaking at a news conference attended by representatives from private sector at Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Muhammad Ibrahim Adil said coal, gold, salt, precious stones, construction materials and copper mines mainly in northern and central part of the country have been offered to private sector.

Besides revenue to the government the privatization of mine industry would also create employment opportunities for thousands of Afghans, he hoped.

Signing copper mine agreement of Logar with a Chinese company would add $400million on annual basis income of the government besides paving the way for employment to 20000 Afghans, he added.

The ministry was planning to privatize iron mine of Bamyan and Gas mine of Baghlan this year, he announced, the ministry plans to sign maximum two mines agreements with private sector on monthly basis.

Afghanistan, a central Asian country has several mines with most of them untouched, he said only 10% of the Afghanistan mines had been identified.

The latest survey had revealed fuel and gas mines in western and northern parts of the country, he said.

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