Introduction of Mining Companies working in Afghanistan

1-The Metallurgical Corporation of China Limited (MCC-JCL):

MesAynak extraction was the first ever contract awarded to The Metallurgical Corporation of China Limited (MCC-JCL) in the demining sector of Afghanistan.

The company inked the contract with the government of Afghanistan for the demining of the vital mine back in May, 2008.

Meanwhile, the MCC-JCL invested $360 million in the basic infrastructure of the mine, which is said to be a big amount invested in the vital sector.

Contact No: 0793701709, 86-10-59869999




2- Afghan Investment Company (AIC):

The Afghan Investment Company (AIC) was established on February 18, 2006 by a group of highly professional and skilled Afghans with a solid base in Afghanistan.

Those who established the company have in-depth knowledge of the local environment.

The AIC leased Ghori Cement Factory in Pol-e-Khumri under the privatization initiative of the government of Afghanistan in April 2007. The company has decided to build the first modern cement plant in Afghanistan, repair the existing Ghori-1 Cement Plant and complete the remaining works of Ghori-II Cement Plant in Pol-e-Khomri city of Baghlan province, which is located 250 kilometers north of Kabul.

The AIC owns two cement factories (Ghori-I, Ghori-II) and four coal mines including Karkar, Dookash, Ahan-dara and Khord-dara.

Contact: 07777 209 70-0707 545 511




3- Afghan Krystal Natural Resources Company (AKNR):

Headed by Sayyed Saddat Mansoor Naderi, the Afghan Krystal Natural Resources Company (AKNR) is registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

The company intends to invest $50 million in the demining of gold reservoirs in Qarazghan locality on the outskirts of district Doshi in Baghlan province.

The agreement between the government and the company was signed in 2010.

Contact: 0707134234, 0799134234




4- West Land General Trading L.L.C (WLGT):

The West Land General Trading L.L.C (WLGT) is led by Haji Abdul Kabir. The trading company obtained its license bearing registration number (1-10708) in 2005 from Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA).

The company has signed gold mines exploration contract in Takhar with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum back in 2008.

However, the contract was resigned in 2013 after amendment in the provision of the contracts following a decision of the cabinet.

The mine is situated in the Nooraba village around ten kilometers to the south of Cha-e-Ab district.

The mine was discovered back in 1987 by the former Soviet Union and the volume of gold is estimated 260 tons.

Contact No: 0786112929



5-Majid Industrial Pishgaman Company (MIP):

The Majid Industrial Pishgaman Company (MIP) is an Iranian company headed by Ibrahim Salami. Having a proper license, the company intends to invest in Afghanistan has already signed contracts of coal extraction and production of cement in western Herat province with the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum in 2011.

The company is expected to invest $150 million in the first phase.According to the contract; the MIP has rehabilitated the former cement production factory in Zinda Jan district and would extract coals for fueling purpose in the factory from Pahlawanan Coal Mine. 

Contact No: 0098(21)88615313




6-Lajewardeen Mining Company:

Formally registered bearing registration (F-42503) with Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) in 2012, the company is headed by Abdul Musawer.

The company is looking for extraction of azure that exists in northeastern Badakhshan province.

Keeping in view big investment, the company is expected to invest $7 million in the coming 15 years. Badakhshan province has reservoirs of world top quality azure.

Contact No: 0786082008, 0780302009




7-China National Petroleum Corporation International (CNOCI):

The China National Petroleum Corporation International (CNOCI) in collaboration with Watan Gas and Petroleum Group has been investing for the extraction of oil and gas in the Amo River petroleum zone.

The contract of the project was signed back in December, 2010 between the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum and CNPCI.



8-Watan Group:

Formally registered with the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), the Watan Group is jointly working with Chinese National Petroleum Corporation International (CNPCI) on the excavation of oil and gas in the Amu River oil and gas zone.

The contract of the joint project was signed in December, 2010.

The Watan Group is an owned company providing services in security, logistics, construction, communications such as mobile, satellite and static, oil and gas, steel and mining.

Since 2002, The Watan Group maximizes its economic and political impact of its contracts by keeping the growing investment and mining opportunities in Afghanistan.

Most of its staff has a brilliant experience working with leading international government organizations, Afghan government and private sector clients.

The credit for the Watan Group is that it has a multidimensional and knowledge of local issues and investment opportunities. The yet another credit for the group is that it is working in almost all the provinces of Afghanistan.

Contact: 0795 433 842



9-Ghazanfar Group:

Late Al-Hajj Abdul Ghafar Ghazanfar is head of this group. Most of the business ventures that flourish today are the result of his broad vision that paved way for bright future of the company.

It merits mention that Ghazanfar investment will start working in consortium with partners Turkish Petroleum (TPAO) and Dragon Oil Limited in two main Afghan-Tajik Basin, Sanduqli and Mazar-e-Sharif blocks.

It is said that the blocks are situated close to the border with Uzbekistan. The group has around 1,800,000 acres of area in its exploration portfolio.

Back in 1996, the group entered into the oil and gas industry by starting import of diesel and petrol insie Afghanistan from other countries. These days, the company’s oil and gas division has evolved into multiple operations such as downstream, midstream and upstream, which include the refining of crude oil, other kinds of blending and processing of fuels its distribution and LPG supply.

It merits mention that the vital oil and gas sector in Afghanistan is on its way to adopt accelerated changed. As the Amu Darya Basin in production, Afghanistan is rapidly changing into an oil producing nation again.

Dragon Oil Afghanistan Limited, Turkish Petroleum Afghanistan Limited and Ghazanfar Investment have formed the consortium that occupies Afghanistan’s maiden emerging commercial exploration and production sharing contract close to the Afghan-Tajik Basin.

Ghazanfar group has its main office located in Mazar-e-Sharif which oversees the progress of its sub offices situated elsewhere in the country. Its main office keeps all the relevant records of the group’s sub offices. With the business an activity of the group is expanding in the nook and corner of Afghanistan, it has opened yet another office in the capital Kabul recently.

The mining activities are among the top element of the group and the group has started mining of multiple sites in Afghanistan. The group has focus to point out new sites of natural resources. It is focused on hydrocarbon and mineral in the north of Afghanistan in the future.

The group has the credit of having a team of professional, skilled and leading geologist, geotechnical engineers, environmental geologists and civil engineers.

Direct: +93 (0) 793-101-700, +93 (0) 797-568-568: Tel +93 (0) 5020 46 786




10-Dragon Oil:

The Dragon Oil is a leading international oil and gas exploration, production and development. The company has on the London and Irish Stock exchanges with the symbol “DGO.” It has main producing asset in the Cheleken contract area close to the eastern section of the Caspian Sea offshore Turkmenistan.

Its main headquarters is situated in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and is the operator of the Production Sharing Agreement for the Cheleken contract area.

It has its focus in line with operational activities on the re-development of two main oil-producing fields including the Dzhygalybeg (Zhdanov) and Dzheitune (Lam).

It merits mention here that the company has exploration blocks in Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq and Tunisia.

The Mazar-e-Sharif block bordering Uzbekistan in the north with a total area of 2,715km².

It is found that the participating interest of Dragon Oil, Ghazanfar Group and TurkiyePetrolleri A.O. (TPAO) in the two blocks have their different share. It is agreed that the Dragon Oil will be the operator of the Sanduqli block that of Mazar-e-Sharif block by TPAO.

Back in 2012, the consortium including Dragon Oil, submitted the consortium’s bid for two Sanduqli and Mzar-e-Sharif blocks in the Afghan-Tajik Phase 1 oil and gas tender. In late 2012, the consortium was asked formally to start negotiations with the Afghanistan Ministry of Mines for the exploration in the two mentioned blocks.

The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum of Afghanistan signed the exploration sharing contracts (EPSC) in 2013 for two Sanduqli and Mazar-e-Sharif blocks with a consortium including Dragon Oil.


Contact number: 00971569934307



11-Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortakligi A.O. (TPAO): 

The TurkiyePetrolleri A.O. (TPAO) is an international company with its main headquarters is situated in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. The company was established in 1954 with an aim to be involved in drilling, refinery, production, hydrocarbon exploration and marketing activities as Turkey's leading national company.

The company is known for playing a greater role in the national economy and the company got remarkable achievements and it has a brilliant record.

The company has the credit of engaging in all fields such as oil industry from exploration, marketing, transportation and refinery. The company is known as a national oil company with its involvement in upstream such as drilling, well completion, production and exploration sectors.

The company is working on the natural gas and oil exploration, storage, field development, production, drilling, storage, refinery and its transportation in Turkey and globally.

The company offers services in provision of oil products trading, crude oil and marketing services with exportation of pipeline for crude oil. In addition, it strives to offer services in consulting, training services and seismic areas.

Contact:  (0312) 207 20 00  




12-Sadaf Petroleum Kabul Limited (SPK):

The leading Sadaf Petroleum Kabul Limited (SPK) was established back in 2005. It is to be mentioned here that the SPK is one of largest Afghan-owned fuel supply companies in Afghanistan.

The SPK has the credit of completing major in public as well as private sectors which was awarded largest contracts of petrol, aviation fuel and diesel. The company is known for having skilled and professional of staff of dedicated engineers.

Contact: 0797730730, 0799 304 800, 0799 142 995




13-Central Asian Mining Services (CAMS):

The Central Asian Mining Services (CAMS) is a known exploration, drilling and mining support company with its headquarters in the capital Kabul. The company is primarily known for providing solutions to the minerals exploration process to Afghanistan’s mining industry as well as the Central Asian region.

In the wake of dedicated and professional team of engineers and skilled labour, CAMS is functioning diligently in Afghanistan and Central Asian states in a challenging environment.

The company has the strength to ensure provision of on time performance and ensure exploration programme needs amid this challenging era.

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