Several mineral deposits found in Bamyan


BAMYAN CITY (Pajhwok): Initial surveys have found large deposits of several high quality natural resources in central Bamyan province, which, if extracted, could generate work opportunities for thousands of people and increase government’s income.

One of the surveys conducted by Bamyan Mines Department shows several deposits of iron, copper, aluminum and precious and semi-precious stones exist in the province.

The survey also finds a mine containing decoration stones of different kinds.

Mineral resources of Daikundi province

NILI (Pajhwok): Though central Daikundi is a newly-established province where formal survey to unearth natural reservoirs could not be carried out, however, local survey indicated copper mine existsin large amountthere.

Daikundi was once a district of Uruzgan province which was given a status of a separate province in 2003.Thegovernment had recently approved establishment of a mine department in the province.

The biggest copper mine is located in Ashterlai district, with local authorities believe the area has a large quantity of copper mines worth billionsof dollars.

Soaring coal prices worry Bamyan residents


BAMYAN CITY (PAN): The price of coal, mostly used for heating homes in the winter, has increased beyond the purchasing power of poverty-stricken families in central Bamyan province, residents complain.

The complaint comes after a large number of influential individuals and traders raised with the governor the issue of the unprecedented surge in fuel prices, especially of coal.

Fuel prices double in Bamyan


BAMYAN CITY (PAN): A halt to work on coalmines has lead to a hundred percent increase in fuel prices especially coal, in the central province of Bamyan, residents complained on Thursday.

The price of per seven kilograms of coal has increased from 30 afghanis ($0.57) to 70 afs due to the closure of a coalmine in the Koh Mard district of the province.

3,000 Bamyan miners rendered jobless


BAMYAN CITY (PAN): The collapse of 54 holes in a coalmine has rendered 3,000 miners jobless in central Bamyan province, an official said on Wednesday.

Incidents of collapse in the mine in Kohmard district started last week, leading the authorities to stop extraction work to prevent possible fatalities, police said.

"The work will not resume until further orders from the Ministry of Mines," police spokesman Ahmad Ali Yarzada said.

Soaring coal prices worry Bamyan residents


BAMYAN CITY (PAN): Residents say coal prices have increased in central Bamyan province, where extraction work at two mines is in full swing.

On a daily basis, a large number of trucks carry coal extracted from the mines in Saighan and Kohmard districts to other provinces, but a twofold increase has been seen in the commodity price in Bamyan.

Checkpoints set up around Hajigak mine in Bamyan


BAMYAN CITY (PAN): With the creation of several check-posts and deployment of 1,700 personal, security would improve around the Hajigak iron-ore mine in central Bamyan province, officials said on Sunday.

The mine in Shibar district would be awarded for excavation to an international company in a month, Jawad Omar, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Mines, told Pajhwok Afghan News.

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