Mineral resources of Kabul province

The capital Kabul is located in the central Afghanistan. According to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), Kabul province is rich in natural resources. The most popular mines of the province are copper, talc, ruby and marbles.


According to MoMP, Kabul has the following natural assets:

  1. Missjawhar copper mine:

According MoMP, this mine is 1.5 metres to 32 metres thick and 150 metres long.

Prof. Naqibullah Sahak, a geological lecturer at Kabul’s Polytechnic University, said that Missjawhar mine is situated in the southern part of Kabul, which has 33 to 56.2 percent pure copper. This mine is up to 300 metres deep.


  1. Darband copper mine:

Darband mine is located in Khak-I-Jabbar district of Kabul which has more than one million copper. Its thickness ranges from 100 to 1,000 metres while it is said to be seven kilometres long. According to Sahak, the mine contains 0.58 to 1.55 percent of copper.


  1. Talc mine:

This mine is located in Tangi area of Lalandar. The area is not properly surveyed but Sahak said that this mine was divided into four zones. Each zone is about 100 to 800 metres long.


  1. Ruby mine:

Ruby mine is situated in Jagdalak area of Sarobi district on 15 square kilometres. Russian experts had worked on the mine but the exact amount of ruby could not be identified. It is determined that 2/122 to 3/157 grams of ruby could be found in each square metre.


  1. Decorative stones:

There are several mines containing decorative stones in Kabul. Each of the sources is listed as follow.

  • Madan Laghawi: Containing decorative stones, this mine is known as Madan Laghawi and is situated in the capital Kabul.
  • Kipak mine is located in northern region of Kabul.
  • Gok decorative mine is found in Kabul.
  • Khwaja Rawash mine is situated in DehSabz district of the capital Kabul, which is close to the Kabul Airport.
  • Shah-ri-Ara is another place containing decorative stones. This mine is located in Shah-ri-Ara area of the 4th police district in Kabul.
  • Shakh Baranti decorative stones are located on the outskirts of Kabul City.
  • Tazenistan Pachaniz is also a kind of decorative stones located on the outskirts of Kabul.
  1. Marbles sources:
  • Gazak marble mine is located in Karokhel locality of Khak-i-Jabbar district in the capital Kabul.
  • Anjeerak marble mine is found in Shakardara district of Kabul.
  • Farman Bik marble mine is situated in eastern Sorobi district of Kabul.
  • One of marble mine is found in Bibi Tandori area of the capital Kabul.
  • Another marble source is located in Rishkhor area, in the southwestern region of Kabul.
  • A marble mine is found in Khak-i-Jabbar district.
  • Qargha marbles mine is situated in Qargha area, in western Kabul.
  • Badam Bagh marble mine is located in northern region of Kabul City.
  • Madan-i-Gharib Ghaz marble mine is found on the outskirts of Kabul.
  • Madan-i-Qalam Kar marble mine is situated on the outskirts of Kabul.
  • Madan-i-Tarakhail mine is also located on the outskirts of Kabul.

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