Mineral resources of Khost province

KHOST CITY (Pajhwok): The southeastern Khost is one of the richest provinces in terms of natural resources, officials said.

Copper, murqury, plumbum and chromite reservoirs could be found in huge quanity elsewhere in the volatile Khost.

The sites of chromite mines had been noticed in parts of the province,officals said,complaining the illegal extraction and smuggling of the precious was underway by local groups.

Officials of DwaManda and Tani districts said large scale natural reservoirs of chromite were being extracted and smuggled without any government authorization.

Chromite is a kind of metal having the capacity to produce high level temperature and used in iron munufacturuing products such as weapons, dishes and other items.

Engineer Laiq, director of provincial mines department, told PajhwokAfhgan News several mines of natural resources had been discovered by locals during the UstadBurhanuddin Rabbani and the Taliban regimes respectively.

He said a huge quanitity of precious unearthed reseviors particularly chromitewere found in several parts of the province. The Khostchromite are among a high quality of natural reservoirs in the world with a decent market value.

The extraction of the mines would spur local business and bolster national economy, Laiqhoped, adding but deteriorated law and order situation was a big hurdle in extraction of natural resources in the province.

The contract for extraction of chromite was awarded to Ganj-i- Hazoorcompany, however the company failed to continue the demining work because of insecurity and threats from insurgents.

He said the government had dispatched a letter in order to award the extraction contract of chromite mines to one of the company, which would leave far-reaching positive impact on provincial as well as national economy.

A contract copy with Ganj-i- Hazoor Company for of chromite excavation is available on internet allowed the company to extract chromit in Sperah, Hisarak, Shnaki, Khandaki, Sanaki and Khokhi areas of Khost. But the contract said the government had the authority to withdraw the contract if the company faild in extraction of mines.

Laiqdemanded the security forces to provide suitable environment in a move to ensure extraction of natural resources in the province.

Details revealed that chromite mine was being extracted in a non professional way by illegal groups and then smuggled to Pakistan and onward to China where it was used in steel making factories.

HumayunKhan, resident of Tanidistric, said large scale chromite reservoirs were existed in the district. He told Pajhwok Afghan News that the locals had made fincancialcontribution to buy heavy machinery for extraction of chromite.

The financial contribution was made by the Tani tribe of the province, he said, complaining that locals continued to smuggle the chromite after excavation to Karachi, Pakistan, from where it was shifted onward to other countries.

However, now the extraction work of chromitwas halted.

Earlier,one tone of chromitwas being sold at the rate of 40,000 Pakistani rupees, while otsprices haddroped to 12,000 Pakistani rupees, he added.

HumayunKhan demanded the government to help stop illegal extraction of mines and adopt measures to stop its smuggling.

He assured locals would stand behind the security forces to protect the precious mines from illegal excavation in the province.

BaryaliRawan, provincial public relation officer,insisted ileagalextraction of mines had been stoped recently and the officials concerned were working out a comprehensive plan to halt its illegal excavation.

The execuation of chromite in Tani and DwaManda districts was expected to be initiated in the coming two months,Baryaliassured who said the government had initiated a plane to extract the natural resources in a proper way which would strengthen national economy.


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