Mineral resources of Nangarhar province

JALALABAD (PAN): The eastern Nangarhar province has abundant mines of marbles and luminous stones, which need to be extracted in a professional and legal way. 

According to the survey conducted back in 1956, large scale mines of marble and luminous stones in Nangarhar could be found from Hisarak to Dor Baba district along the hills of Spin Ghar (White Mountains).

Eng. Shakrullah Tolo, provincial head of mines, told Pajhwok Afghan News a five years long survey was underway in the province in order to properly identify the existence of natural resources.

He said reserves of high quality cement could be found in Marco Mountains of Ghanikhel district, with the extraction contract of the mine would be awarded to a foreign company soon.

Sources said extraction work on 22 luminous stones’ mines was underway under a formal contract in Hisarak, Sherzad and Achin districts in the province. 

1 - Hisarak district:

The Hisarak district of Nangarhar has large scale natural mines of marble, Chromites, luminous and other kind of precious stones in areas of La Jaikar, Gari, Tor Kamar, Sur Kamar and Nawar Tangi areas. However, growing insecurity halts proper survey to be conducted in the area.

2 - Sherzad:

Natural resources of marble and other precious stones are abundant in Kodikhail, Markikhail and Taraki areas of Sherzad district.                             

3 - Khogyani:

The mines of luminous marble stones are found in areas of Khogyani district in Nangarhar. However, an official survey is yet to be conducted in order to know about the exact quantity of unexplored natural resources.

4 - Achin:

Several mines of luminous, marbles and a large number of other precious and semi-precious stones can be found in Achin district of the province.

5 - Haskamena:

Large scale mines of marble and luminous stones exist in Agzo area of Haskamena district.     

6 - Nazyan:

The mines of florid exist in Nazyan district, which are being extracted illegally by several groups.

7 - Goshta:

Goshta district of Nangarhar has large scale mines of chromites and other precious stones.

8 - Kamah:

The mines of chromites, florid and other precious stones can be found in Mammakhail and Gardab areas of Kamah district. In addition, large scale mines of other stones that are used in construction also exist in the district.

9 - Behsud:

A large number of Chromites mines have been discovered in Samarkhail area of Behsud district; however, its extraction needs heavy investment. Chromites stones are used in steel factories for producing high quality iron.

10 - Shewa:

The Shewa district is rich in natural reserves of florid, lithium, chromites and other kinds of stones used in construction. In addition, the Ghambiri dessert in Shewa district has mines of Kohl, which are yet to be officially extracted.

11 - Surkhrod:

Tatang area of Surkhrod district has mines of stucco and calcium carbonate. While natural reserves of sulfur exists in Shamshapor area of the district, which is used in making bombs.

Moreover, the Shikh Misri dessert of Surkhrod district has the mines of kohl, Silicon, Magnesium, Calcium and other minerals, which are used in construction and glass making.

12 - Ghani Khail:

The Ghani Kahil district has large scale reserves of stucco and other similar materials, which can be used for white wash and painting of buildings.

13 - Khoat:

The Khoat district of Nangarhar is known for its coal reserves; however, its extraction process is halted because of lack of machinery and investment.

According to the provincial mines department, each coal stone has stoutness of 10 cm which need advance machinery to be explored.

14 - Peachragam:

Mines of luminous and marble stones can be found in Peachragam district, which need a proper survey to develop the precious mines.

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