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Kabul-based iodised salt factory seeks govt support

KABUL (Pajhwok): Officials of an iodised salt factory say they could supply table salt to all provinces if the government invests in the plant in Kabul.

Established in 2003, the “Ayenda-i-Darakhshan” (Bright Future) Factory has the capacity to produce up to 200 tonnes of salt a day. Earlier, officials would import the commodity but they invested $200,000 to start own production.

Kandahar marble plant lures customers

KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): The marble stones processed in southern Kandahar province are attracting customers in large numbers, an official said on Saturday.

The marble stones are transferred from the Desho district of southern Helmand province to Kandahar for processing. The marble products are used in construction of houses, offices, flower pots, tables and dishes.

In addition, they are designed for decoration of buildings. Ali Ahmad, the marble factory owner, told Pajhwok Afghan News he had been making marble products and exporting them abroad.

Kandahar prayer beads become all the rage

KANDAHAR CITY (Pajhwok): Prayer beads made of Shah Maqsood precious stone in southern Kandahar province have found their way to the international market.

Deposits of Shah Maqsood stone are found in the mountains of Khakrez district. Beads made of these riches are sold for high prices in local and international markets.

The beads are handmade and the industry has a long history in Kandahar. The industry has developed with the passage of time and has turned into a profitable business.

Afghanistan’s rich mineral needs rail for exportation

KABUL (Pajhwok): The short stretch of track is intended to be the start of 3,600 kilometers of rail that will be the key to unlock Afghanistan’s mineral riches, including iron, copper and gold, a media report said.

The Bloomberg.com in a report pointed to the establishment of Afghanistan’s railroad, problems and current status with respect to the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan after 2014.  

Takhar salt being sold to many provinces

TALOQAN (Pajhwok): Salt extracted from the Taqcha Khana mine in northern Takhar province is being sold to other provinces of the country, an official said on Wednesday.

Located northeast of the country, Takhar has 46 different mines, including the salt mine in Namak Aab district, creating work opportunities for more than 1,500 people. 

In the past, people extracted salt from the Taqcha Khana mine in a non-professional way, but the mining process was legalised with the signing of a contract with a domestic company in 2005,

Plan devised to address fertiliser factory problems

By Zainab Muhammadi May 20, 2010 - 16:32

KABUL (PAN): The Ministry of Mines has sent a delegation to northern Balkh province where workers at a fertiliser plant are threatening to protest unless the factory is upgraded.

Iron processing factory opens in Herat

HERAT CITY (PAN): A massive iron processing and melting factory, an $8 million private sector project, was inaugurated on Tuesday at the industrial park in western Herat province, officials said.

Commerce and Industries Minister Anwarul Haq Ahadi, Economic Minister Abdul Hadi Arghandiwal, Herat Governor Daud Shah Saba and industrialists attended the inauguration ceremony.

Iranian firm to set up cement factory in Herat

KABUL (PAN): An agreement on coal extraction and cement production in western Herat province was inked between the Afghan Ministry of Mines and an Iranian firm on Sunday.

During the first phase of the project, the Iranian company Peshgaman Sanat-i-Majad will invest $150 million in establishing a cement factory that will produce one million tonnes of cement in Zinda Jan district.

Marble imports land local industry in trouble: traders

KABUL (PAN): Some traders on Sunday complained marbles imports from Pakistan, China and Iran have had a negative impact on their business. Currently, there are 100 marble factories operating in Kabul.

Abdul Ali Jafari, a stone-cutting factory official, said one cubic metre of marble cost 700 afghanis ($14.1) to 4,000afs, but the same amount of Pakistani marble was sold for 300afs to 1,000afs.


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